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Does this sound like you? You’ve worked your entire life to finally reach Retirement. Then, suddenly, there it is, staring you in the face and saying, “Okay, here I am. Now, what will I do with myself?!” Hard to believe, right? A few years ago, you couldn’t wait! Looking forward to retirement and a lot more time to do the things you haven’t had time to do, having tons of freedom, peacefulness, recreation, and worry-free easy life.

But now, it’s inches away. And the fear sets in. Anxiety and worry become your bed partners. What had been so clear is now wrapped in a fog of uncertainty. The questions: What will I do? How will I find meaning? Where do I find my purpose? How do I find a non-work social network? How will our life go together 24/7 with each other if married? How will I fill each day, each week? Will I become a slug? I provide workshops, in-person and online, to tackle and answer these questions and get you creating your wonderful retirement life. Coaching with me will inspire you to go deeper, uncover your purpose, find meaningfulness, and tap into the courage to design your ideal retirement life – the one you’ve truly earned from all those years of hard work. The one you wanted before the worries took over. You can create the next phase of your life as the signature chapter of your life story.

Services I provide:

In-Person Workshops
The in-person workshop, “Designing a Retirement Life Very Well-Lived,” is intended for up to 15 participants. I am willing to customize the length to meet the needs of your group. Various tools and activities are introduced during the sessions depending on the length of the workshop. Each is designed to help the participants uncover their ideal version of retirement in every aspect. We address preferred versions of relationships with friends, family, and your significant other. We look at recreation, hobbies, personal growth, and health. And we dive into meaningfulness and purpose. We approach all this with the dual elements of deepened learning and forwarding action toward that ideal retirement.

One-on-One Coaching
My approach to coaching is a very co-active one. The client and I are in collaboration as we move things forward toward their retirement life goals. All the while, the client deepens the self-awareness, self- discovery, and learning that becomes part of that journey. I see my role as the coach as to pour sunshine on the path for the client to become more than is possible and have a retirement life that is significantly more satisfying than imagined.

Online Workshops 
My online workshops cover the same material as our in-person workshop. Depending on the length
chosen, we will have multiple sessions on zoom.


We'll determine if coaching makes sense for you at this time, and if so, which services would best fit you.


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