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Health & Wellness

Does this sound like you?

“Sweets are a challenge for me.  I have good intentions; I bring fruit to work.  But my good intentions go out the window when there are treats in the break room.”  

“I want to be a good role model for my children, but I just don’t have the time to exercise right now.” 

Do you have a tug of war going on inside? You know that you should eat better, lose weight, stop smoking, and exercise more . . . . but the days and weeks pass without taking the actions to do what you know you should do for your health and wellness. 

I am a wellness and health coach trained through Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training Program. 
This program taught me specific skills to help clients work through health challenge changes.  I learned a model of the 5 E’s.  Engage, Explore, Envision, Experiment, and Evolve.   I love the idea of helping you explore your identity, values, strengths, and desires.  I then help you create a vision of what your life is like now that you have achieved your ideal health.  After this, we experiment with ideas to transform your values and desires into successful actions.  We might stay in this stage, experimenting with what works for your lifestyle.  I don’t provide a diet plan, exercise routines, or dos and don’ts.  You most likely know all of this.  I help with uncovering what is holding you back from empowering self-directed change.


We'll determine if coaching makes sense for you at this time, and if so, which services would best fit you.


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